About us


 Aviemore Primary School is a large community school based in the village of Aviemore, within the Cairngorm National Park, providing education for children aged 3-12 through ELC provision and a primary school. The current school roll is 260 with an additional 80 children in the nursery. The ELC provision provides flexible childcare. There is an Additional Support Needs base in the school which serves the Badenoch and Strathspey area.  


Senior Management Team (SMT)

Headteacher - Miss Emma MacCallum

Depute Headteacher - Mrs Chenelle McMaster

Principal Teachers - Mrs Eilidh Menzies and Mrs Jess Creber

Principal Teacher of ASN - Mrs Sherrilee Kinsella

Childcare Manager - Mrs Caroline Green


P1 - Mrs Eilidh Menzies/Mr Brian Lawrence

P1/2 - Ms Sulekha Millar

P2 - Mrs Sandra McIntyre

P2/3 - Mrs Gael Tannock-Josey/Mr Joseph Wilkins

P3 - Mrs Tracy Lewis/Mrs Anona Johnstone

P4 - Mrs Aileen Hull

P4/5 - Mrs Siobhan Pentland

P5/6 - Mrs Miriam Swinton/Mrs Chenelle McMaster

P6 - Mrs Sofie O'Brien/Mr Brian Lawrence

P7 - Mr Alan McLean

ASN Nursery-P3 - Mrs Kate Johnson

ASN P4-7 - Miss Emma Killan

ASN Rainbow class/Bothy - Mrs Sherrilee Kinsella

CCR - Mrs Chenelle McMaster/Miss Kirsty Anderson

PEF Literacy - Mrs Jess Creber/Miss Kirsty Anderson

Pupil Support Assistants (PSAs) 

Miss Chris Treanor

Mrs Cathy Carmichael

Mrs Claire Darroch

Mrs Antonia Davies

Miss Nicola Beattie

Miss Louise Gillard

Mrs Lynne Cairney

Mrs Julie MacKellaig

Mrs Wendy McKay

Miss Louise Bamford

Mrs Anne Murray

Mrs Jane Cain

Early Years Practitioners (EYPs)

Mrs Karen Best

Mrs Cath Carroll

Miss Diane Copland

Miss Margaret Carswell

Miss Emma Best

Mrs Sharon Curran

Mrs Pam Lowdon

Miss Joanne Pringle

Miss Jade Jacobs

Mrs Jan Sandbach

Mrs Trisha Trolland

Mrs Sas Roberts

Miss Alison Mair

Support Staff

Miss Jean Gordon - Clerical Assistant

Mr Stevie Gibb - Facilities Manager

Miss Kerrie Fraser - Cook in charge

Mrs Penny Kerr - Cook

Mrs Eva Palugova - Cook

Mrs Ingrid Bell - Cook/Cleaning operative

Mr John Addy - Cleaning operative

Mr Eamon Coombes - Cleaning operative

Ms Catherine Boyd - Cleaning operative

Visiting staff

Allied Health Professionals 

Children Services Worker - Miss Kathleen Cameron

 Health Visitors -  Mrs Bethan Murdoch and Mrs Christine Mackinnon

School nurses -  Mrs Pam Sayer and Miss Kim Fisher                

Physiotherapist - Mrs Sheila Lowther      

Speech and Language Therapist - Ms Hannah Williams          

Primary Mental Health - Mrs Grace Sermanni

Occupational Therapist -  Ms Jennifer Pickering

Community Paediatrician -  Dr Clare Livingston

Educational Psychologist  -  Mr Alan Wilkins

English as an Additional Language - Mrs Alison Roy

Music Tuition

Violin: Mr John Rutter          

Chanter: Mr Chris Thomson

Singing Tuition: Mr Christopher Josey

Woodwind: Ms J Kyle